Research Record: China Frosty Chain Logistics Market, 2014-2018 Essay

Chilly chain logistics refers to the temperature-controlled system with a continuous series of storage and division activities which in turn maintain specific temperature range. It is utilized to help lengthen and ensure the shelf life of products such as refreshing agricultural create, seafood, frosty food, photographic film, chemical compounds and pharmaceutic drugs.

Primary agricultural generate such as fruit and veggies rots very easily, which increases the operational cost of fresh food retailers, such as grocery stores and stores. The shelf life of products can be more than doubled in a cool chain logistics system that functions very well. The loss of fresh foods retailers can decrease simply by 30%-50% if the shelf life of perishable meals like fruit and veggies is prolonged from 1 day to 3 times.

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Food spoilage is the key cause of food safety issues and waste of resources. Raising concern regarding food safety stimulates the introduction of cold cycle logistics, particularly for meat, fruit, vegetables, marine products and dairy products. Demand for the cold sequence logistics in transport of vegetables, fresh fruit, meat and also other processed items increases while Chinese people's life boosts.

In 2013, the production amount of meat exceeded 80 million tons while that of vegetables surpassed 0. 7 billion dollars tons. The availability volume of fresh fruit, dairy products and aquatic goods exceeded zero. 15 billion tons, twenty million loads and 62 million lots respectively. Additionally , a large volume of meat companies frozen foodstuff is produced in China. The temperature varying in refrigerated transport is among the major factors behind the fall in meals quality. Cool chain strategies can keep perishable food new in transport.

By the end of 2013, the whole capacity of cold storages barely come to 20 mil cubic meters with lower than 40, 000 refrigerated vehicles, far behind developed...

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