summary in the lastling Essay


Key: - personality, setting, theme/main happening.

Tahr's world

Tahr ‘s world was calm and quiet. A world where peace prevailed. He was in the world of miles and hills. He existed I a natural world. Paris's world

Paris's world was modern and was advanced in technology. Her globe was developed. The lady was from an city area. The lady lived In a man-made globe. CHARACTER SKETCHES


-Paris is a modern ambitious adolescent.

-She is usually aspiring to become movie movie director and is rapide.

-She can be mature, sensitive and kind hearted as she saved Tahr from obtaining killed. -She is courageous that's why the girl came to this expedition. -She is straight-forward and wants exploring.

-She is a great attention seeker and is uncooperative.

TAHR: --

-Tahr was a Buddhist monk.

-He was an orphan fount by simply Shengo at the hill side.

-He was a brave young man as he approved challenges and was thought to be a criminal y shikarri. -He was shy as he barely chatted to anyone.


-Franklin was an important personality.

-He liked exploring and was daring.

-He was rich and famous.

-He knew ways to get his way, was respected.

-He was concerned about Rome and was persistent.

-He was strong and respected as he acquired friends in higher blogposts. CHAPTER one particular

The motif is marriage between Paris and her Uncle, Franklin. The landscape is set up at the airport because she is visiting the Himalayas with her uncle. Paris, france and her uncle receive misplaced. Your woman realizes that something uncommon is going about. There were a whole lot of Sikhs. Uncle Franklin is awaiting something important. CHAPTER 2

Tahr and Shengo live in the Himalayas. Shengo implemented Tahr while no one would. Shengo was a monk. Tahr was curious. When the site visitors came Tahr spoke in English which usually Shengo taught him. Shengo planned a journey. PHASE 3

The title ‘Iron Dragon Fly ‘refers to a heli that is vaguely remembered. Through this chapter it really is being told that how Shengo fount Tahr. Tahr was lost, after that fount by Shengo within the...

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