Sun Micr Essay

Sun Microsystems is a leading supplier of computer related products, including servers, workstations, storage gadgets, and network switches. Inside the letter to stockholders as part of the 2001 gross annual report, Chief executive and CEO Scott G. McNealy presented the following comments: Fiscal 2001 was clearly a blended bag to get Sun, the industry, plus the economy overall. Still, all of us finished with income growth of 18 percent—and gowns significant. We feel it's a good sign that Sunlight continued to pull away from the pack and gain market share. For the, we are obligated to repay a debts of honor to our workers worldwide, who also aggressively helped bring costs down—even as they continuing to bring exciting new products to promote. The assertion would not seem to be telling you enough. For example , McNealy says the yr was a merged bag with revenue regarding 16 percent. But what about earnings? You are able to delve further more by reviewing the cash flow statement in Exhibit 1 ) Also, for more analysis of other factors, consolidated balance sheet(s) are provided in Show 2 . 1 ) Referring to Show 1, compute the total annual percentage enhancements made on net income per common share-diluted (2nd statistical line through the bottom) intended for 1998–1999, 1999–2000, and 2000–2001. 2 . Likewise in Display 1, figure out net income/net revenue (sales) for each from the four years. Begin with 98. 3. What is the major basis for the difference in the answer intended for question two between 2000 and 2001? To answer this kind of question for each of the 2 yrs, take the proportion of the main income statement accounts (which follow Show 1 for the next page) to net revenues (sales). (a) Expense of sales (b) Research and development (c) Selling, general and administrative expense (d) Provision for income tax ____________________________________________________________



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