Teen Committing suicide Essay

America Today and Teen Suicide

Teen suicide has been a sizzling topic in the united states for several many years. Sadly, committing suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers. In line with the National Company of Mental Health, one in every ten teens have experienced thoughts regarding suicide and experts calculate for every teenage suicide death there are ten attempts. There are numerous factors that increase the risk to take one's life today in the United States. Major depression, alcoholism, medication addiction, family history and ancestors of abuse, stress more than school are just a few. Many teenagers that commit suicide suffer from mental illness. Diagnosed as bipolar with severe depression and manic episodes or schizophrenia that is characterized with hallucinations make teens feel not able to cope. On, may 21, 2013 I skilled firsthand the shock, sadness and overpowering grief of losing a friend to suicide. Bailey Legal, seventeen years old, star soccer player for Stoneman Douglas Secondary school was discovered dead simply by her sister. She acquired hung very little in her bedroom. Research shows that most young adults use asphyxiation to end all their life and Bailey was not an exception. Cromwell and I joined Middle institution together and played soccer for metropolis of Parkland for many years. Bailey was a fantastic talent around the soccer discipline and we had been all in amazement of her abilities. Bailey was an average student and had a difficult romance with her boyfriend. Bailey's parents had been strict and had high expectations for her. Mcneally had just lately received her ACT evaluation results and scored really high. Many felt the lady had ripped off to obtain the report. The WORK test panel questioned her results and had requested the lady retake test. Bailey was being bullied by school. Fellow students had been calling her a cheater, loser, and much worse. Unfortunately, Bailey got her life. I found this so hard to understand how a accomplished, beautiful girl could take her own your life with so very much to live pertaining to. Bullying continues to be cited since the primary way to obtain many teenage suicides inside the...

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