The Border Fence Article

Brian Wagner


Essay #1- The Border Fence


Inside the essay " The Fencing of Lies” the author Mario Vargas Llosa's thesis is that the border wall between Mexico and the Us is a bad idea and a waste of taxpayer's money. Some of the main points this individual uses to boost his discussion are that it can be purely a political scheme to obtain officials re-elected, that the fencing is simply too costly plus the construction will never happen, as well as the money needs to be spent anywhere else. In addition , we have to allow foreign nationals an open door policy in to our region because of the immense contribution earning to our economic system and that they are able to do the jobs that most Us citizens will not. Vargas Llosa's the majority of compelling argument is that the fencing will do very little to stop the flow of illegal foreign nationals into america and the environmental impact it provides. Although, the Author brings up a lot of valid factors, I think that we now have some definite weaknesses in his claim and also issues that he did not actually mention. Even though I are in favor of the fence, That stuff seriously he could have done a better job convincing readers of his point got he dedicated to why the fence will not work plus the environmental influence it will have, instead of confusing the matter with whether or not immigration is moral.

Vargas Llosa begins his essay together with the statement that the proposal of this fence is purely a " theatrical show” because on several November, there will be elections to renew the House of Representatives and part of Congress and that set up bill goes by they will hardly ever build this (2). As to the question of if will be put up, we know now that the fence is almost completely erected. Immigration was a hot politics topic at the moment and still is usually; I am sure the fact that politicians regarded as this, when it was a valid idea to control the border. Atlanta divorce attorneys poll, which i can find, the majority of Americans will be for more challenging border patrol, even people who find themselves for giving these foreign nationals a...

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