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The Innocent:

A Misleading Labeled

A first go through the title of Graham Greene's story " The Innocent”, may give people a sense of chastity and a sensation of bliss. Actually those who have see the story are able to see the connection between purity and child years, which is precisely what the author planned. Any reader can obviously look at the surface area of what is going on in this account and see the narrator while an average guy who is returning to the town he grew up in, while having flashbacks of childhood memories. Yet , a closer go into the mind in the narrator brings about a whole other side of the so-called ‘innocence'.

Many relevant factors possess lead me to my personal decision the fact that narrator through this short history is not an average person taking a look at his past lifestyle, but in truth a significantly depressed civilian who is trying to find an unfulfilled void in the life. My spouse and i am even certain that the main character that is certainly narrating this story is known as a subconscious element of Graham Greene's own lifestyle, in which this individual has pictured as a guy taking his " girlfriend” out in the country.

The storyplot starts off immediately with a great uncertain decision that the person has all of a sudden realized: " It was a mistake to take Lola there, That i knew it as soon as we alighted from the teach at the little country station. ” This kind of shows deficiencies in self-confidence in the character's common sense, which proceeds throughout the history as he repeatedly " desires she was not there. ” The character of Lola comes off while the narrator's girlfriend, who he offers Newgren a couple of

brought with him to the city where he was developed. Then, released sentences provide the impression that Lola is probably not a sweetheart but more of a prostitute. Indications like, " It was being me a great deal, a fiver for Lola and then every one of the bills and fares and drinks”(para. 7) or " Now after i am unsatisfied about a girl, I can basically go and buy another one”(para. 13) indicate that the character believes that happiness can be obtained, and Lola is his current attempt at feeling loved.

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