The Reasons Research Paper

Brooke Holcomb

Professor Yarbrough

English language 112

4 April 2013

The Lessons

Within a Lesson Prior to Dying Jefferson was not the only one to learn a lesson. Jefferson did even more for Offer then this individual knows. There isn't only one lesson In A Lessons Before Perishing there are many, Ernest J. Bogues teaches quite lessons right from dignity to taking care of others to both Jefferson and Scholarhip.

Jefferson was convicted of murder and sentenced to the death penalty. When Give was first made to go see Jefferson and points didn't go over to well. Nothing clicked and Jefferson did not claim anything to Miss Emma or perhaps Grant. Doctor Michael Barry says that " Temporarly while, then, Grant's main purpose for aiding Jefferson is the fact he is performing a favor intended for Vivian. ” (Barry 3) Although, while the sessions came and went Grant and Jefferson were finally able to hook up. Barry as well says, " Grant is definitely finally capable to connect with Jefferson after a stretch out of time in which Jefferson grille his resentment upon him and on Miss Emma. " (Barry 3) " Give challenges Jefferson to defy this fable, to show white-colored people who see him because inferior, as being subhuman, as a general " hog, ” that he actually is a human being” (Piacentino 73). Besides Jefferson learn how to die as a " man” he as well dies after some faith. Reverend Ambrose pulled Grant to the side and demands him to get God into Jefferson's lifestyle. Grant will not because he would not believe in The almighty and this individual refuses to lie to Jefferson. Although, eventually Jefferson requires if Grant believes in Goodness, Grant says he truly does. This is because he is looking out for the best for Jefferson.

Offer does several things for Jefferson for just the short time he knows him. He gets Jefferson a radio and a record. Jefferson looks up to Grant a lot and loves having someone right now there to talk also and having someone that in fact cares for him. Jefferson and Grant have got a strong interconnection when Funds tells him that they can be a main character. Grant says he could never be a hero, he can just a college...

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