Essay on The Unexamined Existence

Russell Smith

Teacher Mr. Ross A. Chapman

Philosophy information

29 May possibly 2014

The Examined Lifestyle

In " The Apology of Socrates” by Plato, it is assumed that Socrates had stated that, " The unexamined a lot more not really worth living. ” This was one of the arguments of Socrates, the moment offered to end up being released and leave Athens never to be permitted to philosophize or speak of his teachings once again. What Socrates meant by this quote was that we as human beings have power of thought and self-realization. We have the strength to examine existence and those around us, and also looking at the earth as a whole. That with this power, a single must take a look at his your life in this world and contemplate how come things happen or are how they are. This individual implies we should ask questions such as, why am I here, what is the meaning of life, in which am I going, and what exactly is it all pertaining to? Socrates thought that by simply asking these types of questions or the examining of ourselves, all of us better themselves as persons and as a race. Regarding live " the unexamined life”, individuals who live all their life day by day without asking themselves or perhaps the world around them are not genuinely living. They will conform to what others carry out or think and do so not for themselves. By doing this you aren't truly living because you can expect to become set into a regimen of nonexistent thought and actions. In the event that one will not examine his or hers life, one will miss the beauty inside and all that surrounds all of them in the world, by finding hope for00 a suggested question, observing and really enjoy a majestic sunset, to self-realization that individuals are just a speck in the grand scheme of the universe. If we do not genuinely examine your life, then which is not a your life well existed and should in this case not be lived whatsoever. If one particular cannot issue life or the things or perhaps events in it precisely what is the purpose of residing in the first place. As for the charges against Socrates, that his philosophizing corrupted the young, Socrates first of all will not take these charges really and regularly plays together with his...

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