Travel Record Essay

Travel Journal

When planning your summer vacation last year, you devoted lots of period on the Internet doing study. Imagine that it is last summertime, and you are producing your trip strategy. Complete the organizer listed below to show all the steps you took in planning your journey.

To get more research around the city you have selected, please visit the Travel by simply Mexico internet site. Why do you choose to go to this city? _I have chosen the location Cancún. I Have decided to select this metropolis because I use Heard a whole lot about it and just how beautiful of your vacation spot it can be _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ At this point, it's the perfect time to look a little closer at this city and what it provides. Fill in the chart under to help set up the information you have found during your Internet investigation. You will be employing this later, and so be sure to give thorough info! Información




Cancún will be a major vacation spot for honeymooning lovers, kids in spring break and households. Weather is nice constantly so you can do all kinds of activites Endless activites

Swimming with dolphins

Chichén Itzá

Interactive aquarium

El Rey ruins

Arrecife Mujeres

Tempo by simply Martin Berasategui

Du Mexique

Les Cepages Restaurant

Le Blanc Hot tub Resort

Krystal Hotel & Resort

Plaza Caribe

Beachscape Kin Ha Villas & Suites,

Select one of the hotels you found, and do a lot of research for the categories outlined. Complete the chart below with the data you have located. Habitaciones


Todo Incluído

(All Inclusive)

Facilidades sumado a Servicios

(Facilities and Services)


(Prices, rates)

Sobre pesos mexicanos

Plaza Caribe

Internet inalámbrico,


Club de negocios....

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