Ups Example Essay

UPS Example

1 . What are the inputs, digesting, and results of UPS's package tracking system? 1) The advices of the bundle tracking program are info on senders and receivers, such as their labels and address, the weights of packages, the contents of the packages, the pick up date ranges, the type of services (ground delivery, overnight shipping and delivery, etc . ) and consumers' signatures. 2) The system after that processes individuals information to calculate and compare delivery routes for every driver and calculate the estimate delivery date for each and every package. 3) The results of the system are the most effective delivery routes for individuals and delivery status intended for packages.

2 . What technologies are being used by UPS? How are these types of technologies related to UPS's organization strategy? 1) The systems used by UPS include portable computers, pub code scanning devices, wired and wireless communications networks, personal pc computers, UPS's data center, storage technology for the package delivery data, UPS in-house package deal tracking application, and software to access the internet. 2) UPS's business technique is: finest service and lowest rates. By using these types of technologies, UPS creates one of the most efficient delivery route for every package. Therefore the costs are reduced drastically. Additionally , buyers can gain access to the UPS web site to check on delivery tracks, calculate delivery rates, decide time in flow, print labeling, schedule a pickup, and track their particular packages if he or she want to. These provide a lot of convenience to customers and therefore, give consumers the best providers.

3. What ideal business objectives do UPS's information devices address? The strategic business objectives of UPS's info systems will be operational quality, customer closeness, and competitive advantage.