US Background Portfolio Dissertation

п»їSaphara Jajey

Mr. Vaughan

U. S History

nineteen December 2014

In the 1920's women's tasks were quickly starting to alter. After Universe War 1 it was referred to as the " Jazz Age", known for songs and moving styles. Both equally single and married ladies we generating higher- paying out jobs. Girls were considerably more than just keeping home with their kids and doing home work. They turn to be independent the two financially and literally. Ladies also received the right to election in 1920 after the Nineteenth Amendment was adopted. They worked hard for the same or greater equal rights as guys and while all of this was going on additionally they brought out a brand new style known as the flapper. All this brought these people much nearer to their goal. In the 1920's the term flapper referred to a " new breed" of ladies. They put on short skirts and dresses which are straight and extremely loose. The arms were left simple and the abs was lowered to the sides. By 1927 the length of the skirts experienced rose just beneath the knee which whenever they danced can be shown. The chests seemed to look very small and women could tape themselves to look even smaller. One of the big things together with the flappers had been that they reviewed through extended holders and drank alcoholic beverages openly in public places. They also started dating readily and danced all night long. Jazz music music was rising in population plus the flappers brought it out more. Not all ladies changed into being a flapper, yet the little amounts impacted the 1920's in a huge method. Many women simply adopted the design for the simple convenience once working. Margaret Sanger, was concerned about girls that lacked familiarity with contraception, then led the battle intended for birth control. She dealt with legal, religious, and societal limitations but soon made females think about acknowledging and employing birth control. A large number of states altered divorce laws to protect women's rights. Women attended college and worked, but they continue to earned less money than guys and had been excluded from many managing positions. During World Conflict One...

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