My Childhood: A short Description Composition

About My Childhood

I'm Rouda Prophet Al-Suaidi. I started pre-school at the age of 4 in one of the greatest schools in Abu Dhabi, which is Al-Worood Private Institution. I believed so scared on my 1st day of faculty and I don't go to institution alone. My mother accustomed to stay with me in the lecture which built some of my personal classmates chuckle at me. I remember they used to call me " A baby” and " Mommy's small girl”. I used to cry a lot when they call up me this. I put in my whole childhood presently there from pre-school until High school graduation. Throughout my childhood, I experienced several success and challenges.

One of my success in my childhood is being a famous field hockey player in school. It 1st started in the home, where I used to have a small basketball area to practice and play with my family and good friends especially in the week-ends. At first, We didn't possess any idea on how to play this sport, but with the assistance of my treasured father and uncle, that they taught myself all the techniques and techniques to be an outstanding basketball person. After being taught by my father and uncle, I started implementing the techniques and ways in mini field hockey competitions, which are just numerous students by grade 6-12. Although I used to be a fat, chubby young hockey player at school, my S. E teacher wanted me personally to take on other international schools in Dubai and Sharjah. In the beginning, I was troubled and anxious to contend with the schools in Dubai and Sharjah. In addition, I was afraid because I had developed an image to my way of thinking that the learners their will make fun of me and laugh mainly because I was body fat. My P. E tutor motivated me and started out training myself after university time. After a lot of training and support from my P. Elizabeth teacher and family, I competed while using other educational institutions and our school was ranked the next best university in playing basketball. I had been so completely happy about it although I wanted to be ranked the initially, but it never de-motivated myself in exercising more and more. My father always told me: " become optimistic without be...

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